Affordable Advertising Opportunities

At New Star Broadcasting we believe that radio commercials are more than just :30 or :60 second recordings played on the radio played in between music. A radio commercial can contain the words or the very message that brings a customer into your business. A great radio commercial is not designed with a time limit in mind, but instead an objective and an idea of what you want to accomplish with your advertising. Radio commercials can create emotion, remind people of something they may have forgot or perhaps even educate potential clients about your business and services. Your New Star Broadcasting marketing specialist will sit down with you and find out what you are trying to accomplish, what message you want to deliver and then help create an effective advertising campaign to help your business accomplish it.

Geared for smaller businesses, the Small Business Blaster is where we play your :15 or :30 second commercial several times a day. Get more than 50 radio commercials each week for a very low rate between 5 a.m. & 11:59 p.m. 7 days a week.

Have you ever wanted a commercial that doesn’t sound like a commercial? A Live Liner is an 8 to 20 second message that the radio station DJ delivers outside of a regular commercial break. Live Liners can be a great way to consistently brand your business or achieve top of mind awareness.

Local news is a great way to insert your message into the most local of all local content, local news. New Star Broadcasting provides local news several times daily.

Weather is one of the biggest reasons people listen to radio. New Star Broadcasting provides local weather every hour of every day. Your message will be broadcast daily to thousands of New Star Broadcasting listeners as a Weather Sponsor. Limited to 5 sponsors so you and up to only 4 other sponsors will be rotated. Bonus fill as needed. “Weather brought to you by Your Business and your message”.

Having a live remote broadcast is a great way to own the airwaves for a week. When you schedule a live remote broadcast on New Star Broadcasting, you receive a good balance of all we have to offer; radio commercials, live liners, a DJ broadcasting live from your business, a station vehicle on site for curb appeal and in some cases food, drinks and prizes to help drive traffic to your business. We will promote the remote on the radio and our Facebook page a full week before the remote.

Advertising is always evolving, whether it’s traditional media or new and emerging forms of advertising like social media. At New Star Broadcasting we believe in having an effective balance and integrating traditional media and digital media like Facebook. We believe that when done right and with an advertising strategy in place that Social Media/Facebook can be a great addition to a radio campaign. We’ll place your ad, photo or video on our Facebook page.

Also known as RDS (Radio Data System), Text on Radio is text that displays on car radios that displays the song playing and station name. RDS can also display your business name, specials and contact details during your commercial.

A big part of everything our radio station does on air is drive traffic to our website. Whether our radio station promotes community events or contests, our focus is always on creating online web traffic that our advertisers can use to promote their business. We offer banner advertising that is sure to get the attention of our visitors.

“Broadcasting from Your Business Studios” at the beginning of each hour and several times during live DJ shows give your business brand recognition and in the ear of our listeners throughout the day. You can lock down Exclusive Studio Naming Rights for one week or longer.

Radio advertising works better for some types of businesses than others. The last thing you need in your businesses is to pay for something that isn’t working for you. We want to make sure we are a good fit for your business. We never require you to commit to a contract for advertising on New Star Broadcasting. If it’s working for you, great, just keep going. If it isn’t working for you, you can try a different approach in your message or simply cancel. Unless an end date is pre-arranged, your adverting will automatically renew each month until you cancel. We also offer one new commercial produced each month at no charge.